Saada Silver Ducat

Sire: Saada Ishmael

Dam: LH Mountain Vista Koruna

DOB: March 2nd 2012

Ducat has made an impact on the herd. His daughters are consistently strong and I am thrilled to have been blessed with a doe kid year, in the year that I chose to use Ducat extensively in the herd. His dam, LH Mountain Vista Koruna was the 1st place 5-6 year old at the 2012 ADGA US National Show.

Ducat is massive in himself. Despite his sheer scale, he is so flat boned and angular. I love the strength in his pasterns. Around these parts he is affectionately called “The Gentle Giant”.

I am really looking forward to seeing his daughters in milk.

Pictured Above L-R: Saada Silver Ducat, LH Mountain Vista Koruna, Brambles SSD Hyacinth, Brambles SSD Anouk. Picture of Ducat - Courtesy of Carol DuMont, Garden Gate Nubians. LH Mountain Vista Koruna, Courtesy of Saada Dairy Goats

Brambles Rosalee’s Harlequin

Sire: Pella’s Triple C Haka

Dam: Garden Gate PR Rosalee

DOB: June 26th 2014

Harley is a powerful buck and yet does not sacrifice angularity. His daughters are consistently deep bodied and stand on correct feet and legs. They also show a good deal of extension to their foreudders and good rear attachments. Harley’s offspring are also the type of animals who “take care” of themselves.

His pedigree combines “old” genetics, made up of does who were strong milkers. Harley’s dam was a third generation EX doe. On his sire’s side, he fetches Kastdemur’s King of The Hill into his pedigree - a buck who was known for having heavy milking daughters. I have found line-breeding on King of The Hill to be quite successful.

Pictured Above L-R: Brambles Rosalee’s Harlequin, Brambles BRH Aphrodite, Brambles BRH Radiant Poppy, Brambles BRH Emerald.

Brambles Sunshine’s Sterling

Sire: Saada Silver Ducat

Dam: Elishka Summer Sunshine

DOB: May 8th 2018

Sterling reminds me so much of his sire. He is so correct on his feet and legs and has natural width between the hocks. His combination of style, dairy strength and dairy character, meant that I wanted to utilize him on a few does.

Sterling’s dam Sunshine is the last doe in Canada with the Elishka prefix, who is a direct descendant of Elishka Little Bit of Sunshine. Little Bit was a successful show doe in her time. Not only is she in his pedigree, but also Elishka RFL Glam’s Impresario, a buck who sired some outstanding daughters.

Pictured Above L-R: Brambles Sunshine’s Sterling, Sterling (5 months old), Brambles SSD Sunbeam (littermate sister), Sunbeam (Fall 2018)

Brambles Aphrodite’s Yen

Sire: Saada Silver Ducat

Dam: Brambles BRH Aphrodite

DOB: May 1st 2018

Yen is a buck that I wanted to retain, not only for his sire, but also his dam’s line. Aphrodite is a mixture of unique lines. Her grand-dam was one of my foundation does and in keeping with that line, Aphrodite has such a work ethic. I find these does to be hard working and they often blend into the background. Their rear udders are consistently wide and their teats, tidy and easy to milk.

Yen is a dairy type of buck. He is sharp over the withers, flat boned and his rump is naturally level on the move.

Pictured Above L-R: Brambles Aphrodite’s Yen, Brambles BRH Aphrodite, Brambles SSD Calypso (littermate sister), Aphrodite’s rear udder (FF)

Garden Gate SSD Kyat

Sire: Saada Yankee Dollar

Dam: Garden Gate BCM Jezabel

DOB: June 6th 2018

Kyat came to the herd in order to work as both an outcross and for line-breeding. Blissberry genetics are new to the herd, whilst also containing the familiar Kastdemur’s King of The Hill. Through his dam, there is also the chance to line-breed on Garden Gate GX Country Diva. On his sire’s side, this gives the opportunity to double up on LH Mountain Vista Koruna.

His dam is a young doe, but she is already proving herself in terms of milk production - peaking at 6kgs of milk per day.

Kyat is a growthy buckling. He is also flat boned, with loose, pliable skin and he has exceptional rump structure.

Pictured Above L-R: Garden Gate SSD Kyat, Kyat (6 months old), Garden Gate BCM Jezabel, Jezabel. Pictures of Jezabel - Courtesy of Carol DuMont, Garden Gate Nubians