Herd reduction (lack of pasture/hay): There are 2 yearling does available for sale. Registered, purebreds.

I am taking orders for 2020 buck and doe kids. Breeding plans are listed below. Does will be bred to Garden Gate SSD Kyat or Brambles Aphrodite’s Yen. All kids are G6S Normal on parentage. Buck kids must be pre-ordered - bucks kids are otherwise wethered before 7 days of age and horns are left on.


Garden Gate Northern AmbrosiaxBrambles Aphrodite’s Yen

Brambles Buccaneer’s TansyxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles BRH AphroditexGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Garden Gate KR AmethystxBrambles Aphrodite’s Yen

Brambles BRH Rock ‘n’ Roll RubyxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles BRH EmeraldxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles BRH CaramacxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles SSD CalypsoxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles SSD SunbeamxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles SSD HyacinthxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles SSD CometxBrambles Aphrodite’s Yen

Brambles SSD AnoukxGarden Gate SSD Kyat

Brambles BRH Garden RosexGarden Gate SSD Kyat


  • A $50 deposit is required for kids.

  • No refund will be made in the event of cancellation.

  • I reserve the right to retain any kids for my herd. In which case the deposit will either be refunded in full, or placed over for the next year.

  • All kids must be paid for in full before leaving the farm.

  • If an animal is left on the farm after transport and or pick up has been arranged - the order is considered to be cancelled. All mines are forfeited.

  • I do not guarantee health status once kids have left the farm. Other than for proven (by a vet) congenital defects and or breeding issues. All veterinary fees in such instances are the responsibility of the buyer.


I prefer that kids are picked up directly from the farm. Especially in the Spring due to time restrictions.

In the event that kids cannot be transported directly from the farm, transport is available from Regina International Airport - there is a fee of $75 for transport. All shipping and crate costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

I do not use transport companies (ground transport) any earlier than 4 months of age. All costs are the responsiblity of the buyer. Travel arrangements in this instance must also be made by the buyer.