Calving and Kidding Time

It’s that time of year again! Kidding and calving have started on the farm - after a January filled with some definite learning curves…

The first purebred, registerable Red Angus calves have been born on the farm, as well as the first commercial Red Angus calf. These calves are sired by - Red Wolf Willow Masterplan 56X - who combines both Red Towaw Indeed and Red Brylor Masterplan in his pedigree. Both of whom were breed leaders. Masterplan 56X has proven longevity and still stands on strong feet and legs at 9 years old. His commercial daughters have lovely, well attached udders.

Red T&S High Top 15E was the first purebred to calve. Her sire is Red Six Mile Grand Slam. Her bull calf was born with a 95lb birthweight . With the calving ease in behind High Top 15E she had him unassisted.

The commercial/grade does have also started kidding. I am really pleased with these does. There udders have improved significantly over the years and their milk production remains strong. Early days yet, but the doe kid count is higher than buck kids.

Pictured below are purebred bull calf, twin bucklings, commercial heifer calf and Red T&S Tessie 72E.