March Update!

Kidding for the purebreds started with triplets from Garden Gate Northern Ambrosia. Two bucklings and a doeling, sired by Brambles Sunshine’s Sterling. Followed by twin bucklings from Brambles BRH Robin and a single doeling from her full sister Brambles BRH Cedar. All of which were also sired by Sterling. Much to my disappointment Brambles Buccaneer’s Tansy had a single buck kid (I love Tansy and always look forward to her doe kids - there will be another year!). However, I got to see the first kid sired by Brambles Aphrodite’s Yen - Brambles PTCH Fleur De Lis had a doeling. Just two more does left for March/April and there is a good long break until May/June kidding. Doe kids will be available from this time frame - as I am trying hard not to increase herd numbers. Kids will be sired by Brambles Rosalee’s Harlequin, Brambles Aphrodite’s Yen and Garden Gate SSD Kyat.

I am also pleased to announce that all of the May 2018 kids, as well as the current junior herdsires are G6S normal either on test or pedigree - joining the senior doelings and senior does featured on this site.