If you ever want living proof....

It is common knowledge that cold weather affects the birth weight of calves. Blood flow in the cow increases as an aide to keeping warm - and that translates to more flow to the calf too. Birth weights can be up to 11lbs higher for every 11 degrees below normal temperatures - which was the case for the last two months of gestation. In addition for every day past the cows due date, the calf can gain over 1lb per day. All that theory certain came into practise when Red T&S Tessie 72E calved this week, a few days late. Giving birth to a 101lb calf. Tessie comes from a long maternal line of moderate to low birth weight - and the sire who does influence calf size (even though to a lesser degree) is also a 75lb birth weight.

All credit to Tessie, she only needed a hand pull, which is a testament to calving ease - especially in a first calving heifer. Tessie came in with plenty of milk too. I am really looking forward to watching this calf grow. He combines so many top lines in the breed. Red Towaw Indeed 104H, Red Brylor Masterplan and also Red Compass Mulberry.

I would like thank T&S Farms, Rose Valley, Saskatchewan (heifers) and also Diamond L Ranch, Oyen, Alberta (herd sire) for helping to me to start my purebred, Red Angus herd.