Garden Gate Northern Ambrosia

Sire: Saada Northern Kodiak

Dam: Garden Gate PC Sweet Passion

DOB: April 14th 2012

Ambrosia is a welcome late addition to the herd. She has a great deal of capacity and dairy strength. Her mammary is well attached in the fore. Ambrosia’s real asset is her milking ability, she peaked at just over 6 litres per day (barn records).

Pictured Above L-R: Garden Gate Northern Ambrosia, Ambrosia, Ambrosia’s 2017 buck kid.

Brambles Buccaneer’s Tansy

Sire: Garden Gate PC Buccaneer

Dam: Garden Gate Northern Dove

DOB: September 7th 2013

Tansy is a smoothly blended doe. She is such a pleasure to watch on the move, as she is so naturally level across the topline. Tansy stands on strong feet and legs and is the type of doe who is built to last the test of time. Her udder is well attached, both fore and rear and she is a steady milker. Tansy is a lovely tribute to both her sire and dam.

Pictured L-R: Brambles Buccaneer’s Tansy, Brambles SSD Hyacinth (2018 doe kid)

Bramble BRH Aphrodite

Sire: Brambles Rosalee’s Harlequin

Dam: Brambles Aria’s June

DOB: February 13th 2016

Aphrodite comes from a line of does who are steadfast and hard working. When she freshens, Aphrodite is waiting by the parlour at milking time. She in particular has a good deal of extension to her foreudder and width to the rear. She shows good dairy strength and as she has matured her rump has become more level.

Pictured Above L-R: Brambles BRH Aphrodite (prior to FF), Aphrodite’s foreudder (FF), Brambles SSD Calypso (2018 daughter)

Brambles BRH Radiant Poppy

Sire: Brambles Rosalee’s Harlequin

Dam: Brambles GGJ Morning Star

DOB: February 29th 2016

Poppy is a-typical of the “Sunshine line” She is a dairy type doe, who is sharp over the withers, shows depth through the barrel and has a long, level rump. Poppy freshened with a mammary that is well attached. Although she is slower maturing than some other does, Poppy shows a good deal of promise and I am willing to wait for her.

Pictured Above L-R: Brambles BRH Radiant Poppy, Poppy (1 day fresh FF), Brambles TMI Peony (2018 daughter).

Garden Gate KR Amethyst

Sire: Saada King’s Ransom

Dam: Garden Gate Canadian Crystal

DOB: April 6th 2015

Amethyst is a strong brood doe and can always be relied on for milk production. Partially because of her lines and also as a result of initial set-backs, Amethyst has taken a while to mature. She is level and wide over the rump, strong in her feet and legs and with age she also deepened in the barrel. Amethyst has an awful lot to offer.

Pictured Above L-R: Garden Gate KR Amethyst, Brambles BRH Emerald (2018 doe kid), Amethyst coming into milk, 2nd freshening.

Elishka Summer Sunshine

Sire: Garden Gate Canadian Patriot

Dam: Elishka Sunshiny Day

DOB: April 13th 2011

What I term as the “Sunshine line” all descend from Sunshine. I have never been able to do her true justice in pictures. Her long, lean neck, sharpness over the withers and flat bone are evident in all her progeny and their offspring. Sunshine is the type of doe who blends into the background - that being said her influence can now be found throughout the herd.

I no longer offer kids from Sunshine for sale. As she is genetically valuable and aging, I plan to retain them.

Pictured Above L-R: Elishka Summer Sunshine, Sunshine’s rear udder, Brambles GGJ Morning Star (2014 daughter), Brambles Sunshine’s Sterling (2018 son)

Garden Gate Northern Belle

Sire: Saada Northern Kodiak

Dam: Garden Gate PC Mon Cheri

DOB: February 10th 2012

Belle is made up of pure Saada lines and put simply I love this doe. She had the worst luck as a younger animal and despite that pushed through and became one of the strongest brood does I’ve ever owned. She is striking in herself, being both elegant, deep bodied and correct throughout. Her mammary suffered damage quite early in life, but the attachments were strong and teat placement correct.

Pictured Above L-R: Garden Gate Northern Belle, Brambles PTCH Fleur -de-Lis (daughter), Brambles BRH Rosamonde (daughter), Brambles SSD Anouk (daughter)

Belle’s kids are reserved.